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But I think they are also well deserved. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay. Their small size, decent maneuverability and speed, solid camouflage values, plus their autoloader guns pretty much defined their role in Random Battles.

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In most cases, upgraded tracks are required to mount upgraded gun s. Or they modify a tank's parameter. The other tanks have no chance. Create a premmie french lite that has worse agility than a french heavy. The T ltwt has just enough armor to bully lower-tier light and medium tanks, and it has the mobility to flank most heavies.

Supertest Bat.-Ch tillon 12 t

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In case you missed it, we recently reviewed the Soviet light tank branch. You aren't yoloing down that successfully. This values must not be the same. That said, I love the alpha of the top gun, and you can minimize your exposure during the longer reload. For example, the higher the win rate of a tank the more chances of getting into winning battles.

Sherman Firefly Comet Centurion Mk. Good accuracy at any range. Other than that it really is a solid prem. It doesn't try to weigh the tank tiers in both teams. Side shots only because you won t most likely pen anything frontally.

AMX French Light Line Guide The Totes
  • Everything else about it is subpar, not even average.
  • It has mm pen and very good mobilty.
  • Good to hear you will at least be back, was a bit worried.
  1. So yes, it's handicapped, but the only question should be whether it's handicapped enough.
  2. Maybe add some frontal armor?
  3. This tank is a real queer.
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The AMX 13 57 report

In this in-depth guide, we review common mistakes and break down effective tactics to help you understand how to play light tanks correctly. The project was cancelled in the blueprint stage with no prototypes built. Your tank destroyer, the old light tank, you install binoculars with the best hook up anglais tanks elc bis suspension, why the. Good players might be able to exploit the arguably above average mobility of the tank, smokers but it remains a tank with extremely low survivability.

So their pen is really accordingly. And then make the vehicle slow as a snail? Therefore, the key to effective Progetto gameplay is managing your reload times, and I discuss this in-depth in the video. Elc bis should raised to and most fun tanks.

Like I said in the previous question, gold ammo is very problematic for tank balance, not just player balance. All other have mm pen, free hookup websites canada just like their heavys in same tier. Autoloaders and autoreloaders take time to learn to play correctly.

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My hope is that these videos meaningfully help other players improve their gameplay. Siegfried line in this mode is perfect situation. But at least, this shows once again, that their balancing department doesnt play their own game. Greetings, first of all thank you for all your hard work in making these vids, I have watched several and already learned quite a bit from them, outstanding. Now that we've seen the stats, whats the initial thought on this tank?

AMX 13 75 garbage

Ad if there is one thing I hate is that I need to put gold ammo in a tank to make it work. Wargaming has also increased its autolader and honest. Crew training is great, but there are an extremely limited number of tanks in the Japanese tree, and even fewer of those are worth keeping. Terrible acceleration, turning speed, dating website plenty of and top speed.

Light Tanks Revision France

It could engage heavy tanks. You still need to be a good player to do that and good players can do that in regular ones just as well, so that would be a cheap excuse. Problem is that now days people pen non-weakspots and or lower plates despite the tank is heavily angled. Find a nice bush with a good field of view and assist your team by spotting enemies, and then later you can play the sniper, finding wounded tanks and clipping them back to the Garage. Penetration, while good, is not enough for the matches this thing will see, blind dating mp4 nor is it good enough to compensate for lackluster gun handling.

The third checkbox shows the max distance that you will render tanks that have been spotted by an ally. The Ravioli is a fun tank to play due to its gun characteristics. It was really my first autoloading light tank despite playing the Luchs a long time ago, but I was a skrub back then.

Capping can put pressure on the opposing team or provide insurance. Gold ammo greatly reduces the effective armor of such tanks while leaving those tanks with all the downsides of bearing that armor. However, I have been getting better and better, and I am going to attempt to create a guide for newer players or players that have problem with this line in general. Like many in the French line, if you play it within its limitations, it can be devastatingly effective.

No matter if the tank has paper armor and mediocre mobilty it is still too much. Camouflage is important on this tank, so the skill will come in handy, as your armor will rarely not be penetrated if you are shot. With only alpha, you need to be able to read a battle that you can normally afford to get away with, because if you run out of ammo during your firing routine, you will die.

In any other case, you will indeed mess up the matchmaking. If anything the tank just needs preferential matchmaking. Several models of tanks will get regular matchmaking why the game's files and heavily.

Its small size, great camo, and excellent view range make it an efficient scout, while a four-shot drum-autoloader comes in handy for finishing off crippled enemies and dueling enemy scouts. Some situations are uncarryable, but others are carryable if the driver of a light tank correctly leverages its mobility and vision control. Yeah, lets take away one of the best features of premim tanks. Would be useful for hitting other light tanks. We also discuss how to deal with poor team deployments.

AMX 13 75 needs buff

Some players are confusing battle tiers with tank tiers. Money sinks are typically implemented in games with an economy e. The driver needs to carefully manage the limited gun depression, gun elevation, and ammo capacity.

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