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New Jadite Kitchen Glass

FAQs for Fire-King Collectors

It could be purchased at grocery stores, fun facts about dating dime stores and hardware stores. It is also very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. Some is not marked at all.

Experts warn newbies not to go hunting for these rare pieces online, late dating where fakes are not uncommon. The rayed bottomed saucers are an interesting Jane Ray variation. But which one appeals to collectors? Those are batch or lot numbers. Fire-King was a tupe of glassware that could withstand the high temperatures of ovens and stoves.

In addition to dinner plates and saucers, you can find Fire-King mixing bowls, casserole dishes, covered refrigerator containers, dating vases and more. Curves of swirls are much more gentle than swirls in new batter bowl at left. The other is known as nephrite jade. Various black decal names on the sides.

  • However, color preferences vary depending on the region.
  • Is a Chevy the same as a new Chevy?
  • An eBay search for Fire King Glass will produce thousands of results for this popular glassware.

Identifying Jadeite

This type of glass is made by adding uranium or dioxide to the glass and then adding other chemicals during the heating process. Appears in reverse on bases of square shaker bodies in Fig. English speaking customer support only.

Jadeite alice

Junk Jadeite one dollar cottage

It is not available for sale anywhere. The darkness of a jade-ite item is a result of the amount of impurities it contains. Jadeite in which the color is evenly distributed is highly valued. Some pieces may have defects that were produced during manufacturing, but if the piece is in excellent condition otherwise, these small defects can be overlooked.

The original batter bowl is marked with the Anchor Hocking Fire-King trademark. Jadeite is a pyroxene mineral and one of the two types of pure jade. Some collectors will add miscellaneous pieces to their collection, while others will try to collect enough of a favorite pattern to create full place settings for their table.

Courtesy The Fire King Monthly. It is not known if Anchor Hocking is the actual manufacturer or if the work is done by another glass maker for Anchor Hocking. It also contains some jadeite. Another famous piece of jadeite is the Jadeite Cabbage, which was carved from a piece of jadeite.

FAQs for Fire-King Collectors

Collectible Anchor Hocking Fire King Glass

The Jane Ray dinner set also has many fans with its embossed rayed pattern around the collar. McKee glass produced one full dinnerware line, a delicate Laurel pattern. Most of their pieces are marked, but not all. Jascha Broido was born in the Ukraine and emigrated to the United States. The Chinese often carve jadeite into traditional figures that bring further meaning, such as dragons, which are symbols of power and prosperity.

Breakfast bowls are sometimes found decorated with red or green ivy trim. These reproductions are marked with the line stamp on the bottom and are not as valuable as older, vintage pieces. Opalescent jadeite was produced by McKee and then by Jeannette. Reproduction text or graphics without the express written consent of GemSelect. Often very faint, almost illegible.

The test pieces that have made it into the public market appear to be the Fire-King D-handled mugs Fig. We have been using Fire-King in our microwave for years without a problem. In China, hiv dating jade was found in the tombs of Shang kings. The mark is also different.

Information Gem Information Center Sitemap. New pitchers were produced that look very similar to vintage Jadeite Anchor Hocking and Fire-King pitchers in Pillar Optic pattern, often called Melon. White glass lines were often decorated with decals in natural, floral, or geometric patterns. Unscrupulous dealers may imply that these reproductions or fantasy pieces are vintage or antique. Identifying Jadeite Back to Top.

New ball pitchers do not have a permanent mark but neither do the originals by Anchor Hocking. Vintage pieces can have swirl patterns, mold marks, and other imperfections without lessening its value. All reputable jade suppliers will declare any treatments or enhancements. Be sure to avoid using gold-trimmed pieces in a microwave as well. The key difference is the top, see Fig.

New Jadite Kitchen Glass

As fire king glass molds wore out and were replaced, the embossing was often not added to the new mold. To get an idea of the approximate age of your piece, please see the table at the top of this page. Chili bowls are found in every Hocking color.

Junk 101 Jadeite

Marcie Thueringer Antiques. Can you tell me how old these might be? Appletree Junction Antiques.

About Jadeite - History and Introduction

Fire-King Mug
Collectible Anchor Hocking Fire King Glass

Nephrite is the other type of jade that can easily be confused with jadeite. Entire bangles are also fashioned from jadeite. The versatility of jadeite makes it ideal for a variety of uses.

Jadeite Gemstone Information - GemSelect

All are highly collectible. We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. The information on this blog is for information purposes only and no guarantees are made concerning the accuracy, reliability, and completeness of that information. For ladies, jadeite can be worn as pendants, beaded necklaces or bracelets, charm bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings or hair ornaments.

  1. There are so many different beautiful patterns and colors that you may be a bit overwhelmed at first!
  2. The style of anchor logo may help establish the manufacture period.
  3. Remember that any advice, tips, or recommendations you receive from this blog are not to be substituted for professional advice.
  4. Marks were changed over time.

Some distinctive hues stand out, such as Jadeite, while others require practice. It is also made into all manner of practical items, such as buttons, cups, plates and salt and pepper pots. It occurs in green, white, orange, yellow, lavender, gray and black. It can be paired with diamonds and set in gold or silver. At that time, any new management decisions about how the new pieces ought to be marked will be implemented.

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