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The strangers in the park, uprooted from their traditional family and hometown networks, shared similar stories, and Ms. Yu has continued her daily pilgrimage to the marriage markets. We sat in silence a minute before Ms. After losing his job in an electronics factory in Harbin, he followed his hometown sweetheart to Beijing.

September 29

Yang took a flight to Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, where she would kick-start the campaign. Big are accustomed to being the boss and can be the most uncompromising clients. Zhao several days before he worked up the nerve to tell his mother he had rejected the offer. Demographic changes, too, are creating complications. Culling the Prospects The love-hunting campaign for Mr.

Diamond In The Rough
  1. Besides giving clients a vastly expanded pool of marriage prospects, these campaigns offer a sense of security.
  2. It is a respectable income, but hardly enough to attract a bride in Beijing.
  3. Zhao threw himself into his work as a driver and salesman.
  4. Three miles away, in a Beijing park near the Temple of Heaven, a woman named Yu Jia jostled for space under a grove of elms.

After a brief stint as a hospital nurse, she joined Diamond Love full time and is now its most seasoned Beijing scout. Big called Diamond Love in a rage that his confidential information had been leaked. Big insisted on bringing along a female consultant from Diamond Love and sitting awkwardly off to one side during the meal.

After a moment of indecision, Ms. Yu married a man from her factory work unit, with their local Communist Party boss as informal matchmaker. Her elder two sons had found wives in traditional ways, one through a matchmaker, the other through a friend. The marriage proposal stunned him. Yang intercepted her in the sweater aisle.

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The daughter declined to meet at first. Yu and her husband, who was sick with lung cancer, had left the northern city of Harbin in the hope of finding better treatment for his cancer in Beijing, where two of their sons already lived. Yang herself, whose very success as a love hunter has made her the breadwinner in her own family. Over the last few years, more and more such companies have cropped up in the ever-expanding Chinese cities. Yang followed her inside, apologized for the intrusion and switched on her charm.

At the end of the afternoon he chooses two students to take for hands-on training. Even with this setback, Ms. At first, it seemed a mismatch, and not just because of the year age gap.

Diamond love matchmaking

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Yang started part-time work as a love hunter while a university student eight years ago. The New Matchmaking Three decades of combustive economic growth have reshaped the landscape of marriage in China. Over the last year, I tracked the progress of two matchmaking efforts at the opposite extremes of wealth.

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Diamond love matchmaking

After texting and phoning, the couple met again in Beijing and then took a holiday in a mountainous area of western Sichuan Province. Still, he worries that time is passing him by. When the right girl comes along, Judy is quick to pounce. Uprooted and without nearby relatives to help arrange meetings with potential partners, these migrants are often lost in the swell of the big city. Yang slumped onto the sofa, exhausted.

Big received thick dossiers on each of the eight, with detailed information about their families and finances, habits and hobbies, and physical and mental conditions. Zhao, was angry when he found out that she had been searching for a wife for him. The love-hunting campaign for Mr. That daughter is now married in Anhui, with an infant son whom the pensioner, so busy seeking a spouse for her older sister in Beijing, rarely sees. But they are still dating exclusively, and Ms.

Within hours, according to Ms. For some middle-aged women, the market is their only hope of finding a suitable partner. It now has six branches, with consultants, full-time love hunters and hundreds more part-time scouts, virtually all of them women. Flora on her way home after spending six hours at the Marriage Market. At first, they focused exclusively on male clients, but they have been shifting toward a female audience.

As many as million rural Chinese have moved to cities in the last three decades. Weime Club now caters exclusively to women. From across the atrium, a co-worker of Ms. Business The Price of Marriage in China.

Despite a recent promotion to a consulting job, in which she deals directly with clients and their delicate egos, she is often tapped to lead the highest-stakes campaigns. Yang has worked hard for the chance. In the four years she has been seeking a wife for her son, Zhao Yong, there have been only a handful of prospects.


The goal of matchmakers ever since has usually been to pair families of equal stature for the greater social good. He had invested more than a half-million dollars in the search, black women and was about to see if the money was well spent. Big is serious about marriage. His final date in Chengdu was with the Zhou Tao look-alike whom Ms.

The Millionaire Matchmaker Videos

Yu held in place with a few fragments of brick and stone. The Weime Club classes divide themselves into the Theoretical and Practical. Her hit rate is astonishing.

During her day search there, she had recurring nightmares. Yang bought him a Mitsubishi car that he tinkers with. Fei makes no apologies for the high fees. The confusion surrounding marriage in China reflects a country in frenzied transition. For some older single women, this market is their last resort for finding a match.

Diamond Love, a matchmaking agency in Shanghai, caters to extremely rich clients. Even if we find her, these clients often have no idea whether that would make their hearts feel settled. It was, he told me later, even more awkward than most first dates. However, speed dating pof a rise in loneliness and family pressures also accompanied this economic growth.

Brides are often still seen as a commodity

  • After all these years, hope is what keeps her going.
  • Shengnan, like her son, are mostly poor rural men left behind as female counterparts marry up in age and social status.
  • Their methods can turn into gaudy spectacle.
  • This may be a time of sexual and romantic liberation in China, but the solemn task of finding a husband or wife is proving to be a vexing proposition for rich and poor alike.
  • But it took a full week of apologies and vows of enhanced security to coax Mr.

Yang was beginning to doubt her ability to deliver. Out of this social climate, dating sites in doha a multimillion-dollar industry has emerged that exploits the fears and loneliness of a generation. One firm transported would-be trophy wives to a resort town in southwestern China for the perusal of one powerful magnate.

But the pressure felt more intense this time. Sharp inequalities of wealth have created new fault lines in society, while the largest rural-to-urban migration in history has blurred many of the old ones. They lingered on a face, a gesture, and then moved on, darting across the atrium, searching. His mother, however, had come through, arranging a meeting between him and the daughter of the woman she had met in the marriage market.

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The couple has not yet decided to marry. The first showed the top three prospects from Chengdu, sitting and standing, walking and talking, smiling and laughing. Today she has come with her team to a hip shopping district near Xintiandi. Here were two discreet people of similar social status, a wealthy entrepreneur and the daughter of a high-ranking official. Discussion of news topics with a point of view, including narratives by individuals regarding their own experiences.

Finally, a series of grainy videos landed in his e-mail in-box. He knew how hard she had worked, how much she had been counting on this. Big had an excruciatingly specific requirement for his second wife.

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