Ghostbusters casino game

Cash Award is a feature in the game where Slimer treats players to a funny act before offering payouts that are fifty to thousand times the amount of your coin value. But they become sticky and stay put on the reels until the feature ends.

Ghostbusters Slot Machine

At the end of the movie, the trio is applauded by the citizens of their city for saving everyone. Some of the features such as the cash award will only be active if the player stakes money.

There are bonus rounds, wilds, scatters, free spins, and other similar features that increase your wins and give you more chance to play. The Psychic feature is a bonus game wherein you will have to choose a card and ensure that it matches Dr. Or you can reject playing the risk game and leave the found egg guaranteed. Regardless of which option is selected, players can stand a chance at winning paranormal progressives. The game includes all the major characters from the movies.

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This bonus depicts the scene where the Ghostbusters first encounter Slimer in the movie. The online version of Ghostbusters is pretty much identical to the Vegas original and it keeps all of the most loved features. All the Ghostbusters have been featured, with Slimer having a big role in the slot game. For all new players at Dunder Casino. There is also a land based casino version of this game, star city online casino which is highly popular and have a devoted fan base.

Your submission is received and we will contact you soon. However, sometimes fixing the game is beyond our control such as an issue that needs to be resolved by the game developer. Although wins are not too big, they materialize quickly, giving you the opportunity to have plenty of fun as well as claim some cool prizes. Stay Puft is the bonus round wherein marshmallows are seen falling from the sky.

Ghostbusters Slot Machine Game to Play Free

How to Win To win, you need to land at least three same symbols on a payline. Game has wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins and two bonus rounds.

You will have five attempts in which to spot the hidden spirits. They are made of real photos of the movie characters and the soundtrack is awesome.

Ghostbusters Slot Online

But if you find yourself anywhere near a casino that carries this game, make a detour and enjoy the stunning sight of ghosts seemingly floating around your head. There are thirty paylines in the game, and fifty credits are required for each spin. One to four icons in the game transform into wild icons during this feature. The increased popularity of the three parapsychologists makes them celebrities in their city.

Your objective is to shoot with your proton pack and hunt ghosts. You can hear that legendary music all the time, with some real quotes from our heroes. On each of these spins, marshmallows start falling from the top, with a few turning into roasted marshmallows that then act as the wild. As you might expect, though, the Stay Puff bonus does not hit very often, with others like The Ballroom Bonus and the Psychic Bonus hitting far more frequently.

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As they say - he who risks nothing, gains nothing! This bonus gives you free spins, whilst at the same time handing out sticky wilds. The scary sounds of a haunted house and ghastly slime all over your screen are sure to offer a surreal experience. In this encounter, they manage to banish Gozer to where he came from, after a lot of struggles and difficulties.

Thank you for contacting us! Ghostbusters online belongs to the video slot category, which means ruleset is not that complex, gameplay is fast and payouts are good.

It will trigger both the multipliers and wilds. Paylines can be activated by betting at least twenty credits. This makes sure that on average, most of your stakes are paid back as winnings and you have a fair chance to claim some huge prizes.

When it is triggered, up to four icons can be turned into wilds. The character represents the anchor and occasionally teases and mocks players when credits, antic, and multipliers are being awarded. The Ghostbuster slot machine is one of those really fun games to play in Las Vegas. One of the other things I love about the Ghostbusters game, is the way the bonus symbols come in. This is the second bonus feature in the game.

Credit awards, free spins bonuses, jackpots and side games can all be won when the wheel comes to a stop. One example, would be the ghost that sometimes appears across the screen leaving a trail of wilds behind it. These three parapsychologists are fired from their jobs after their first encounter with a ghost at the Columbia University.

Feature ends after you use all of your shots. In the Stay Puft free spins, you get to flick symbol positions to uncover new symbols. However, players who want to play for free have the option to do so. Popular clips from the motion picture also play from time to time when you win prizes. Additionally, the soundtrack is enriched by popular catchphrases that some of the ghostbuster team members are best known for.

As such, this feature can potentially reward you with huge wins. The proton packs which the ghost busters carried in the movie can also be seen onscreen along with the legendary car and traps.

If you have any issue with this game please write us to info vegasslotsonline. These multipliers double your winnings when a combination qualifying for a victory is hit. This is the most fun feature, it takes place on the haunted Sedgewick Hotel, where we first met with the Slimer. The capture of each ghost will award you with credits. Any slots sharing a corner or edge with a wild symbol may also turn wild.

Just click on the box below! We are so glad to be with you! They then go around the city capturing any supernatural beings they encounter and imprisoning them at a containment unit in the basement of their firehouse.