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Later in the season, he admits to using Mariahlynn to get back at Rich for having sex with Diamond Strawberry the year before. The couple complains about how difficult their long distance relationship is, and Diamond is happy to move to New York after dating for two years. The relationship between Cisco and Diamond Strawberry? Rich wants to bury the beef and get the Creep Squad back on good terms, but Cisco is still intent on getting payback for when Rich dated Diamond Strawberry.

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Frustrated by the state of her career and stuck in a miserable marriage, she becomes recklessly flirtatious, culminating in an affair with Rich Dollaz. She briefly dates Safaree, and during the season, has a violent falling out with label mate, Mariahlynn. She worked as a stripper in Atlanta.

If you were to tell me that you hate everybody on that show, I would not bat an eye and would continue drinking my Bulleit and ginger beer, neither shaken nor stirred. He even allowed other people to put their hands in his hair which clearly annoyed him just to apse his white peers. After appearing in every season prior as a supporting cast member, Dollaz is promoted to main cast in season nine. She returns in one episode in season nine where she encourages Yandy to look deeper into Infinity's past.

She appears in a minor supporting role in season seven for two episodes, coming to New York to expose Rich for trying to rekindle their relationship behind Jade's back. Amina begs her to just take Peter back instead of continuing to make a fool out of her. The film to me was unnecessary in many ways. During the season, website she develops a close friendship with Safaree.

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Mendeecees gets in the studio with Cam'ron to listen to some songs and catch up on their recent moves. Coco held herself back because she refused to accept herself. Rich, upon finding out that he and his fellow Creep Squad compatriot are in cahoots at the same time, sets Mariahlynn up for the fall.

As Rose comes from behind the counter, Yorma starts to wreck her store before being escorted out by security. Cyn shares her desire to create a tribute song for her brother who recently committed suicide. Seasons seven and eight chronicle the dramas between his artists at his record label, Gwinin. He's pretty fly for a light guy.

  1. Amina is still blinded by love and stupidity for still being with this jack leg.
  2. Any scenes she filmed never made it to air.
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  4. At the seventh season reunion, it is revealed she also has beef with Cardi, which stems from their stripping days together.
  5. Radio personality Angie Martinez hosted the first season reunion.
  6. He represents several hip hop artists, most notably Fetty Wap.
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Maurice Aguilar is an entertainment manager. He rose to fame through his collaborations with Kanye West. He puts on a beat and coaxes Mendeecees to get in the booth and spit a verse.

During the season, it is revealed that Peter has married another woman, Amina, behind her back, leading to a violent showdown between the two women. Cardi begins to chatter away until Self cuts her off and says that she has a lot to learn about the music industry. Rah Ali and Remy meet at a boxing ring she's training at to talk about how the wedding is stressing her out. She fires Rich as a manager at the end of the season, and does not return to the show after the season's reunion special.

Remy spent six and a half years in prison for shooting a former friend of hers over a financial dispute. Rah agrees to begin helping with the wedding again, but she feels that Remy left her and that she's the petty queen. Yorma informs him about her run-in at the beauty bar and how Rose voiced her intentions of getting with Self. When she decides to show up at Rose's Beauty Bar to confront her, Rose says that she's heard about Yorma.

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  • When Amina sits on the curb to cry, the always classy Peter stomps off embarrassed.
  • After a public fallout with Mariahlynn, Bianca confirmed on social media that the season would be her last.
  • At the season's reunion, she professes her love for Rich, and reveals that the two have been in a secret, on-again-off-again relationship for eight years.
  • Raqi did not return to the show after the season's reunion special.

Several episodes during the season were filmed in Miami, originally intended to set up a spin-off starring Teairra and Erica Mena. And who has to clean it up? She is promoted to the main cast for the third season, which focuses on her turbulent relationship with manager Rich Dollaz and his struggles to kickstart her music career.

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Cisco Rosado Jr Net Worth

Ayisha appears in a minor supporting role in season eight. Their relationship turns sexual, igniting a violent altercation between Cardi and his British girlfriend Asia. She worked as a stripper for five years, and rose to fame as a social media personality for her video posts on Instagram and Vine. In the end coco could catch a break because she was her own worst enemy. Yorma has reservations about going and doesn't want to come off as the crazy girlfriend, age legal but agrees to visit her spot.

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Before we begin, may I congratulate Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris on the birth of their daughter? Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. He previously appeared on K. At the third season reunion, she announces her engagement to her long term boyfriend, a music executive. Kimbella joins the main cast in season two.

Throughout the film Coco whose real name was Colandrea Conners, went by Coco because she believe it gave her an edge and felt it was a far less ghetto that Colandrea. He does not return to the show after the season's reunion special. He briefly dates DreamDoll, before developing a close friendship with Juju.

During the season, she is seduced by Rich, igniting a violent feud with his girlfriend Jhonni Blaze. Over the years, several supporting cast members have been upgraded to lead. During the season, she officially ends her relationship with Peter and does not return to the show after the season's reunion special.

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In order to provide for her family, Mariahlynn worked as a stripper and a go-go dancer. She is far from believable. He wants her to listen and take advice, but he is willing to help her out if her music is dope. The two renew their vows in an official ceremony in the finale. Papoose had already made a deposit on the castle, but says that Remy only gets one wedding so he's willing to sacrifice the deposit to give her a dream wedding.

They break up later in the season, after she discovers that he has been cheating on her with Cardi B and Rose. Dollaz is introduced as Olivia's long term manager. Meanwhile, Amina is working on a new album with her sister who is in town from Germany. After he makes reference to Jim's alleged money issues during the fight at the yacht party, Jim comes after him on the streets of New York. During the season, she becomes caught up in the relationship drama between her manager Rich Dollaz, and his new artist Erica Mena.

Before the pair meets, he also wants Cyn to taste test his new liquor to see if she is still willing to be the face of his brand. Towards the end of the season, she begins dating her longtime friend Ray Stacks, who she introduces at the fifth season reunion. She appears in a supporting role in the first season, appearing as a mentor to Emily, warning her about the dangers of dating men in the industry. Cisco, is again non-plussed. Cisco likes the status quo.

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Cisco maintains that Mariah was the one that was devious and is making no apologies and pegs her actions as being disloyal. Their relationship disintegrates in season five and Erica finds love with rapper Bow Wow. Talk about the ultimate business woman! During the season, he is pursued romantically by Bianca, facts on dating abuse causing a rift in his relationship with Sky.

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Later, the two become engaged. One of the most anticipated films of was the independent film Dear White People. Her mother is Miracle Kaye Hall, missouri dating site who also appears on the show. The character of Coco was trying to be complex and missed the mark.

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