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Fish said she enjoys playing April, especially as she has gone on quite a journey during her time on the show. Dex suffers a brain injury, but April vows to stand by him and moves into the Farmhouse. At the formal, Dex and Xavier learn of April's plan and Xavier tells her he would never betray his friend.

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April breaks up with Xavier and enters into a relationship with his best friend, Dexter Walker Charles Cottier. Girls just wanna have sun! The actress successfully auditioned for the role of April and she described the process as quick. April and Heath then have sex. George Mason looks unrecognizable as he goes in.

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It appears Home and Away star Sam Frost wants to go back and live out her milestone birthday all over again. He then tells his friends to stay away from him. She becomes concerned with Bianca's way of dealing with her son's death.

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Dalles comes onto Dex, who tries to resist her advances. She takes advantage of a moment alone at the Walker house and takes the pad. John changes his mind, but the campaign fails.

April consoles her sister when she begins having nightmares and she supports Irene when she learns she has breast cancer. However, Bianca announces she is still marrying Vittorio and April refuses to be a bridesmaid. The drug and the pressure of writing a speech get to April and she realises she can no longer cope.

April wakes up and drags herself from the house to look for help. He offers to drive her home and April kisses him. April and her sister have a fiery, but supportive relationship. Dex apologises to April, but she tells him their relationship is over.

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  • Xavier jumps into the water and picks up all pictures and throws them in the bin.
  • Bianca finds Xavier and he is also rushed to the hospital.
  • Colleen Smart finds her on the beach and April is taken to the hospital.
  • The sisters eventually reconcile and Bianca asks April to be her birthing partner.

He tries to apologise to her the next day, but April informs him their relationship is over as she no longer trusts him. Following her break up with Dex, April becomes determined to lose her virginity. Every time she goes to forgive Dex, Dallas turns up. But Sam Frost certainly looked chilly as they filmed scenes for the beachside soap in Palm Beach on Tuesday.

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Dave Bashford, the boyfriend of Home and Away star Sam Frost, has pleaded guilty to the charge of possessing cocaine. Dexter Walker Charles Cottier notices April's behaviour and he asks her to take a break from her studies, but April refuses and Dex realises she needs some help. She is passionate, has strong opinions and stands up for what she believes in.

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Bianca asks April to stay away from Heath because the drama is causing stress for Irene. From Home and Away to Hollywood! The actress was incredibly chipper as she strolled through the terminal holding her outfit from the night before. Tammin Sursok has revealed her shocking eight-year struggle with an eating disorder, which started when she first starred as Dani Sutherland on Home and Away. Sam Frost was on the set of Home and Away on Tuesday as her boyfriend Dave Bashford faced court over busted with cocaine possession.

Monday was my first audition, I got a call back on Friday and by the next Monday I was sitting in the Home and Away make-up chair. She has disguised her Australian accent for various U. Dex confesses his feelings for her and April tells him she has feelings for him too. April tells Dex and they both agree on going and plan their wedding before they leave and before Indi goes to travel around the world. Xavier apologises, but April appears distant.

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Her relationship with boyfriend Dave Bashford came under scrutiny, after he was charged with cocaine possession last month. April helps Dex with his blog and he later notices April redoing her work over and over again. April's father is French, maturedating.com uk while Bianca's is Italian. April becomes jealous when Dex befriends Lottie Ryan Morgan Weaving and she tells him that she wants him back. She starts to become paranoid when Sid reports his missing pad to the police.

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Sid orders April to rest and he reprimands her for taking the pad. April turns to Dex for comfort and they get back together. Dex is involved in a serious car accident and almost dies. Dex has struggled to fit in since arriving in Summer Bay, and April's the only person so far who really gets him.

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So it's a really hard situation she's found herself in. April gets upset when Dex lies to her about having seizures, but apologises for her reaction. April stays up all night after taking the drug. April breaks up with Xavier, but she does not tell him about Dex.

  1. The police arrive and she is arrested.
  2. Sam Frost and Dave Bashford recently sparked split rumours after he mysteriously unfollowed her on Instagram.
  3. Present characters Past characters Recurring characters Births, marriages and deaths.

Joanna then takes her back to Europe. They both marry, and the two then leave for Paris. April has travelled the world and has become independent and wise beyond her years because of it. April joins a boxing class run by Tony Holden Jon Sivewright and she recalls how she helpless she felt when she was attacked during a protest in Paris. And on Thursday, dating program kanal the year-old star showed off her relaxed post-holiday glow in Bondi.

April tells Ruby that she plans on losing her virginity to someone at the formal and she picks Xavier. April finds her exam studies stressful and she is annoyed when Dex appears to be breezing through his. Home and Away actress Sam Frost's lover has avoided jail after he was caught with a bag of cocaine at a Bondi pub. She pursues Heath and Bianca catches them kissing on the beach.

Irene tells April that her nephew has died and April tries to comfort both Bianca and Heath. She later invites herself over to Dex's house for dinner, so she can return the prescription pad. He got his big acting break in Home and Away before achieving global fame as an Avengers action star.

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They began dating in and even sparked engagement rumours in January during a romantic trip to the Maldives. April supports Xavier through his problems with his stepfather and they begin dating. April asks Heath Braxton if he can supply her with the drug, but Heath turns her down. April initially shuts everyone out as she struggles to cope with what has happened. When Bianca learns she is pregnant with Heath's baby, pc5010 control panel hookup she and Liam try to keep it a secret.

The year-old actress shared a makeup-free selfie on Friday. April and Xavier talk and they get on well. Ruby gets rid of the drugs for her, but during her speech, inc April collapses. Xavier manages to convince April that they need to get rid of the chemicals as they are dangerous.

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